Note from Jessie

It is December 2012.  Bob’s music is playing in the background as I finish up the website notes for each of Bob’s recordings.  It’s been 17 years since Bob decided to leave.  Many of you know how many times over the years I have tried to answer your requests and “do something” with Bob’s music only to have my feeble attempts melt away.  Well, by the strength of God, and with special help from a few caring sorts in the artistic community, it’s now all in process and coming together.  I thank each and every one of you for your patience and encouragement.  This day, and these last few months leading up to it, have been filled with too many tears, some laughter, and a flood of memories carrying our lives as strongly as if I’ve lived it all again.  But the one thing that rises above it all is Bob Devlin himself – the musician of heart.  In his song “String Rambler,” he says of himself, “When I’m going string ramblin’, I’m a man without a name.”  That line encapsulates the man who was able to “become” each diverse piece of music he so perfectly wrote and then delivered with the charisma and panache of “one who knew” he was there to deliver the song, the gift.  And now, this is my gift to you who still remember him with respect and admiration, even love, and to all those who will come to know Bob through his recordings.  May God bless you as richly as you have blessed me with your requests.  Much love, Jessie

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